Helping Homeowners Renovations can be as easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Your Dream on Budget Expert Analysis and Advice

Renovations, like dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Our experts can help you create a realistic budget, and give you ideas, tips and tricks to ensure the project stays that way.


A Completed Plan Comprehensive Plan of Attack

It is the order of things. Having a plan, and executing that plan in all phases of your renovation is the key to ensuring efficiency, accurate timelines for trades and peace of mind for you!


Flexible Support Here when you need us.

Support and expertise when you need it. Sometimes you got this, and sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Our flexible plans allow us to adapt to your needs in every phase of your project.

Planning Tools Years of Experience At Your Fingertips.

Our experts have designed proprietary tools to help you on your renovation journey. When you work with us you will get access to these guides to help you simplify and organize each step of the renovation.

Detailed Budgeting Simplified and Easy to Follow

Planning your budget, and setting realistic expectations is one of the foundations of all successful projects. Our expertise takes the guesswork out of the process, allowing you to focus on keeping things moving.

Personalized Support An Expert at your Side

It’s like having your own personal expert available when you need it. With decades of construction experience, we help you navigate the challenges and support you with helpful tips that make life easier.

As homeowners, sometimes we don't know what we don't know. Rescue My Reno is built to help you.

For the first time ever, you have a dedicated expert to help you navigate the real world challenges of a do it yourself renovation.

Introducing a revolutionary service that provides you with a dedicated personal renovation advocate, who can help guide you through every step of  your dream project from conception to completion. Our experts will collaborate with you to ensure the project’s scope and budget align with your expectations, while also protecting your interests throughout the pre-construction planning and execution phases. Experience unparalleled support and expertise to bring your renovation vision to life.

How To Get Started? We make it easy for you with the
Talk it Through Introductory Call

Get Started Check In

Nice to meet you. This is the starting point for you and Rescue my Reno. If you are considering a project our experts would love to hear from you.

Is Your Project Realistic?

We love hearing about your dream renovation. Bring us your ideas, and this is where we give you some tools to make it a reality.

RMR Welcome Package

We give you a custom built welcome package that answers some of your most pressing questions about some of the challenges and pitfalls.

30 Minute PRO Consult

This initial consultation is a way to get some pro tips, and discuss your ideas with a trusted expert who can guide your next steps.

Site Visits Rescue My Reno is designed to be a virtual service with no requirement for an expert to visit you in person.

However we do recognize that there are exceptions to every rule and sometimes a site visit is required. Site visits will always be approved on a case by case basis and availability and cost depends on your location. If you and your pro decide that a site visit is necessary, pricing will be discussed and a one time service will be issued for you to purchase and schedule the visit online through your account.

A Pretty Great Value to ensure Less Headaches Our Rescue My Reno Starter Packages Get You Going in the Right Direction

Talk it Through Someone is Here to Help
Welcome Package
35 Minute Pro Consultation
Basic Budget/Schedule Template
60 Min Call With a Pro
Multiple Sessions with a Pro
You Got This But We've Got You
Welcome Package
35 Minute Pro Consultation
Basic Budget/Schedule Template
60 Min Call With a Pro
Multiple Sessions with a Pro
Build Your Dream Starting From
Welcome Package
35 Minute Pro Consultation
Basic Budget/Schedule Template
60 Min Call With a Pro
Multiple Sessions with a Pro

Is your service right for me? We help homeowners avoid the most common pitfalls when it comes to home renos

Yikes! We have a problem with our contractor!

What happens when a subcontractor doesn’t fulfill their full responsibility or damages something?

We can have those hard conversations as your professional mediator. Let us handle being the bad cop in the good/bad cop game while managing your trades. Maybe you are questioning whether or not you did something to contribute to the problem. We can help mediate this situation so you can keep enjoying the project.

How Long will This Reno Take?

You are handy, and plan on doing a lot of the work yourself. How many vacation days will you need to take to get it all finished?

Renovation projects always take longer than you expect. Your time is limited by your day job and other responsibilities. Let us help you set realistic expectations for the time you will spend on your project.

What do you mean you got injured on my job?

Did you know…

As a homeowner, you are responsible to carry insurance for your project.
Did you know that if someone gets hurt on your job, it comes down to your insurance?

Do you know how to protect yourself or what to ask your sub-contractors for as proof they are self-insured?

I changed my mind. What now?

This happens a lot during renovations and it can be as stressful as it is exciting.
You just changed your mind and now you don’t know who it impacts. We can help you understand what trades are affected and who can help you realize that change on your project. 

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