Step by Step Guidance Helping to Make Your Dream a Reality

Talk it Through Let's get to know each other

This package is designed to be a starting point for you and Rescue my Reno.

If you are considering a project, in the middle of a renovation or just need to spend some time with an expert, you should purchase a talk it through consultation and we will listen and advise: This is your first point of contact with RMR and is an initial consultation with some pro tips to help you get started. This package is not designed to solve problems in your project, this is a place to discuss ideas you have about your dreams.

You Got This Setting you up for success

This package is a more intensive consultation with RMR where you will have two opportunities to discuss your situation with an expert, and we will provide you with some robust professional advice.

You would buy this package if you are in the middle of a project or are considering taking on a new project, and you need to have an in depth consultation with an expert to take the next steps. You may have run into an unexpected challenge in your renovation and want an expert opinion, you may be considering purchasing a property and planning to renovate it, or you may be trying to decide if you can afford to start the project you are dreaming about.

You will also receive guides and helpful tips that we have found to be necessary for a project to be successful. You should buy this package if you want more time with RMR and need to solve a problem but you are not a good fit yet for Build Your Dream or Build the plan. You can buy as many You Got this packages as you like.

Build Your Dream - Step 1 A solid foundation

This package is designed to walk you through the foundation of a successful renovation or construction project. Before you can even think about starting a project, you need to put it down on paper so that others can understand what you want. This package is designed to help you do this work.

You will still need a designer in addition to RMR if you buy this package, but RMR will give you the tools and templates to ensure you don’t miss anything along the way. You should buy this package if you know what you want and you are ready to start the pre-construction, design, layout and selections for your renovation or project. You should not start your project with RMR or otherwise until you have Built Your Dream.

Build The Plan - Step 2 Making a plan

Once you have built your dream, you will have a design on paper that others can follow to help you succeed. You will know your budget and the next step is to build the plan including selecting appropriate trades, creating the necessary schedules and identifying the detailed parts of how the project will be executed. You should buy this package if you have completed Build Your Dream with RMR or have built your dream with another consultant such as a designer or architect.

If you have completed this step 1, you are now ready to purchase Build The Plan and RMR will give you the templates, steps and help guide you to the completion of a ready to go construction plan that is fully costed, customized and complete. When you buy this package we will ask you to show us that you have Built Your Dream as the first step in starting to Build The Plan. We will not Build The Plan with you if you have not Built Your Dream. Once your plan is built you will start your project and consult with us in this package only on a limited basis if there are concerns or things that were missed. It will be up to you to execute your plan, unless you decide to purchase the next package, Get Going.

Get Going - Step 3 Ready to begin

This package is for those who have Built Their Dream, Built Their Plan and are now ready to Get Going. If you have made it this far, congratulations, its no small effort to arrive at this point, and you should have everything you need for smooth sailing from here on in.

If you are confident in the plan for your project but feel like you still need to have someone along for the ride who has done it before, you should consider our final package, Get Going. While you have most of what you need, we all know that things change and unexpected situations will arise. What if you tear apart the first wall and find out that there is something in the way, or you get half way through the project and run out of steam. Get it all is designed to help you overcome these real world obstacles by providing an expert to be on call for you throughout the construction phase one you get Going on the project.

As part of this package we will keep you accountable to you schedule, we will ensure you are being realistic about your availability and will advise you on how to work with your trades to pass your building code inspections with flying colours.

We will not be your general contractor, that’s your job, but we will be there with personalized support for your project so that you know there is an experienced RMR pro available to advise you all the way through.

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Build Your Dream Bathroom

It is easy to get excited for a bathroom renovation! You may be imagining a more functional and aesthetically pleasing layout, selecting new fixtures and finishes, and looking forward to the improved comfort and convenience the renovated bathroom will provide. You have the opportunity to express your personal style and preferences in the design of the space, as well as see the potential increase in the value of your home through this process.

Build Your Dream Kitchen

A kitchen renovation can bring a sense of excitement about the changes that will be made to the heart of the home. It may involve imagining a more functional layout, selecting new appliances, cabinets, and countertops, and  having a more modern,  and personalized kitchen. A kitchen renovation can provide an opportunity to create a space that better fits the  lifestyle of the household, whether it be for cooking, entertaining, or spending time with family and friends.

Build Your Dream Garage

Renovating a garage can create additional living space or storage, increase the value of the home, and provide a more organized and efficient workspace. Excitement about a garage renovation may come from the opportunity to customize the space to suit specific needs, such as a workshop, home gym, or recreational area. It may involve upgrading the flooring, lighting, and storage systems, to create a more comfortable environment.

Build Your Dream Main Floor

A full main floor renovation involves a comprehensive overhaul of the primary living areas of a home. This can include the living room, dining room, kitchen, and other spaces on the main level. The goal of a main floor renovation is typically to improve functionality, and create a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. These renovations may involve a significant investment of time and resources, but the end result can be a truly transformative experience for homeowners.

Stay in Control of Your Renovation Project Our team is here for you in all aspects of your renovation project.
We look forward to sharing your dream with you.

Reach out to our friendly team to see how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in the middle of a project and need help! Can I buy a package when I've already started my project?

Yes! You can start with RMR at any point in your project. If you are doing ok but have run into one more complicated problem, you may just want to sign up for “You Got This” for a one time in depth review to get you back on track.

I’m not ready to start my project but I still feel like I need some help?

We would recommend Talk it Through or You Got This as an initial purchase to get started. If you are moving towards starting a project but need help with the design, we would recommend Build the Dream as a good place to start.

Do you offer discounts or packages other than what is listed on your web site?

Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions available on our mailing list or through our referral links. If you feel your project is unique and does not fit with one of the packages listed on our website please reach out by way of the contact form and one of our experts will work with you to find the best fit.

What type of payments do you accept?

At the moment, we only accept credit card payment through our client portal.

Do you offer refunds for packages?

Our services are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the RMR product please contact us and we would love to find a way to make it right.

I’m interested in the packages but would like to know a bit more before I purchase the product. How do I find out more?

You can call us or contact us via the web site and we would be happy to answer your questions.

How do the building materials discounts work?

Rescue My Reno has a group of preferred suppliers who are part of our buying group. We have negotiated preferred rates on materials and services from these suppliers and for a fee will make these resources available to you. Our guarantee to you is that the savings you will receive from buying your materials and finding your trades through Rescue My Reno will pay for the membership fee to participate in this service. If it doesn’t we will waive the fee.

Can I select any of the packages independently or do I have to buy them in order? Do the more expensive packages include all of the services?

The “Let’s Get Ready” packages are a prerequisite to the “Let’s Go” Packages. You do not have to Build your Dream with RMR but you must Build your Dream before Building your Plan. “Talk It Through” and “You Got This” are recommended as your initial connection with RMR. If you are ready to commit we are happy to begin with you at “Build The Plan” if you have already built your dream.

What if I really want someone to come see me in person?

RMR is designed to be a virtual product however we recognize that sometimes an in person visit might be necessary. Typically video conferencing or phone calls are sufficient to help you succeed but in the event that a site visit is required we will give you a code to purchase a site visit. The cost is based on the location of your project and availability of our RMR experts in your location. Please contact us for more information. 

What if I know nothing about construction is this the right product for me?

With our help “You Got This!” Even if you end up hiring a general contractor later on in the process, we will get you started with “Build Your Dream”. 

I want to build a house! Can you help me find out what I can afford or if what I want is possible?

In “Build The Dream” we will walk you through the Unicorn Buster where your wants and dreams will be matched to your capacity producing a realistic plan that can be built.

I know I need help with my project but I want to be involved and feel like I can do a lot myself. Can you help me figure out how to fill in the pieces I don’t feel comfortable with?

In “Let’s Get Started” and “Lets Go” RMR will help you to understand what actually goes into making your project happen, how many hours you need to be prepared to contribute in vacation time off of work, what you will need to know. From this you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you can do this on your own or whether you need help. You are exactly who RMR was designed to help!

What is the difference between RMR and a general contractor?

A general contractor will charge a fee somewhere between 15-40% of the total cost of your project as their wage, this fee varies depending on the size of your project. For many people this can feel like a large amount of money and they want to know if there is a way to save some of this cost. 

RMR will help you to make this decision as we work through “Build the Dream”, so that you are informed about your ability to be the general contractor for your project, or whether you need to budget for this person separately. 

If you decide to be the general contractor, “Build The Plan” or “Get Going” will equip you with templates, trades and schedules to give you the tools for success. 

I got some quotes for my project and I can’t believe the cost! What should I do?

It sounds like you need to “Build Your Plan”. There is an old saying, you can have two out of the three: “Fast, Cheap or Good.” Helping customers to understand their unique blend of these values and come up with a workable plan is a key part of the RMR mission. Let’s Go!

I want more calls or features than what is listed in your package, can I top up?

Yes! Our packages are designed to give you what you need, but if you run out or feel like you need support beyond what is offered in the packages, contact us and we will send you a link where you can purchase top ups for additional sessions and site visits. 

What if I didn’t receive an e-mail or call I was expecting from you?

Make sure to check your junk mail and spam filter and check that you entered your e-mail address correctly. If for any reason you feel like you didn’t receive a communication please contact us at info@rescuemyreno.com  and we would be happy to help. 

I missed one of my scheduled appointments with RMR can I get a new appointment?

RMR experts are fully scheduled with multiple sessions back to back. It is important to be on time for your appointments. Please contact us at info@rescuemyreno.com  if you have missed an appointment with your RMR expert.